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Our Practice

The effectiveness of our work reflects our belief that clients who engage us and our services do not commission our time, but instead, expect to receive the value which we deliver. We put quality of service above everything else and champion our clients’ interests, as our own. We bring practical solutions to legal and business challenges and work hard to help our clients succeed in achieving their goals, whether that means winning disputes or simply getting the better deal. 

The Romanian business market has tremendous growth potential, but this same fact is the very cause which can make it seem unpredictable. We respond by constantly keeping up-to-date on the latest legislative changes and by always being in contact with the fresh and creative ideas, improvements and shifts in the legal arena. For us, better information leads to a better control of opportunities and increases our capacity to guarantee excellent results.

In fact, education is a topic that holds special meaning for our founder in particular. Anda Todor has dedicated an important part of her career to educating young professionals, training a new generation of lawyers to become good practitioners and socially involved citizens.

Read on to learn all about her extensive experience, accomplishments and areas of expertise.